The 4 A’s of Managing Your Stress

The 4 A’s of Managing Your Stress

Simple tips to maintain a healthy mind and body


The American Psychological Association describes stress as “a feeling of being overwhelmed, worried or run-down.” We have all experienced this feeling before and we are well-acquainted with the toll it takes on both the mind and body. There are simple ways to prevent this negativity from invading our lives. You don’t need to follow a complicated set of rules to start feeling better, just read our tips below, apply them in your daily life and start a whole new chapter with more positivity.




1. Acknowledge the source of stress
According to Team Technology, acknowledging the fact that you are under stress may be seen as a weakness. Because of this attitude, people are tempted to bottle-up their emotions and deny the stressor instead of managing it. Prolonged denial can affect your ability to recognize these circumstances and lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices and illnesses. According to, you should “learn about your health and well being” to help you make better decisions. You can use apps like the free My Stress Kit to help you identify the causes of anxiety and give you some relief tips.

2. Avoid stress inducing situations
Travis Bradberry’s Forbes article cited a simple way of reducing the stress in our daily life, mastering The Art of Saying No. He said that those who experience unnecessary amounts of stress, burnout and depression don’t know when to say that they have reached their limits. One of the tips that he shared to avoid overextending yourself is by taking a stand when you say no. Don’t say it just to find that you’re saying yes to another thing. Keep your priorities straight and you will find it easier to avoid getting into a stressful situation.

3. Adjust to the stressor
A simple change in perspective can greatly decrease the crushing feeling. Ask yourself if the situation is worth getting upset over and if it will affect you for a long time. If your answer is no to both, then it’s time to let the thought go. Focus on the positive things including your talents by taking up a hobby or enjoying a day at the spa.

4. Adopt more positive lifestyle changes
Improve your overall health by exercising regularly and having a healthy diet. Physical activity provides a good outlet for all the pent-up energy that we have. Also, eat balanced meals for energy and get adequate rest to restore balance in your body.