Neuroenergetic Release

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Neuroenergetic Release

Neuroenergetic Release® (NER) is a system of bodywork that operates at the interface of the neurological, energetic and muscular systems effecting the whole body. All the soft tissues are beneficially influenced, along with improved posture and better alignment of the skeletal system. NER relieves pain and restores balance easily, quickly and with little discomfort, because NER’s intent is always to gently facilitate the body’s natural, self-correcting response, rather than to force a change.

NER is commonly used to treat auto injuries, headaches, neck, back and arm
pain, TMJ problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures and scoliosis. In most cases, it is highly
effective, often when other modalities have failed. It is also useful for general health
enhancement as it de-stresses the musculoskeletal system and restores overall balance. Because
NER quickly corrects defective posture or structure, it can prevent injuries and conditions that
have structural origins.

NER works by correcting core distortion patterns. These are patterns of
compensations, distortions and imbalances held in the whole body. Core distortion
patterns develop after a trauma or injury or may be a result of the birth process itself.

These patterns are held to some extent on all the planes of our existence: physical,
energetic and emotional. Core distortion pattern is behind most of the pain and dysfunction we
feel in our bodies. It leaves us vulnerable to injury in areas of our bodies that are
contracted or weak. These patterns tend to get worse with time and may not produce noticeable
symptoms until later in life.

NER treatment begins with a structural and palpatory analysis of the body to find any
imbalances in a person’s posture or structure. This analysis tells where to look for NER
points and provides objective measurements to gauge effectiveness. Treatment proceeds by
finding two corresponding NER points and applying slight pressure. When the correct NER
points are pressed, the abnormal tension in the tissue that is holding the structure in a
faulty position disappears within a second. Both the client and therapist can feel this
rapid release and the resulting structural change can also be observed.

After a typical session, clients have fewer symptoms, feel less tension and pain, and
experience heightened energy and ease of movement. Posture improves dramatically as do
asymmetries such as a high shoulder, hip or ear balance. Dramatic structural change routinely
happens in one session, such as aligning an abnormal pelvic tilt or spinal curve.

The treatment goal is to quickly bring a client to a greater state of health. In most
cases, the beneficial structural changes and reduction of symptoms are substantial and remain
long-lasting. NER effectively restores the body to its natural state of balance and health.

Source: Donald W Kipp, NCTMB, Lakewood CO.