Neuro-Linguistic Programming

System to make your face fresh,
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is known for: rapid and effective change techniques, life-enhancing skills and accelerated approaches to healing. NLP offers healers ways to change negative beliefs or engage and enhance positive attitudes. NLP skills are applicable to personal, family, professional and social transformation.

A skilled practitioner of NLP will be able to discover and acknowledge any
mental, emotional or even spiritual issue that is underlying an illness or difficulty. This is
the first step toward healing. NLP is not a replacement for other healing methodologies, but
rather a powerful complement.

NLP is a solution- or outcome-oriented technology. NLP focuses the attention on what the
desired state of being each client wishes to move toward, as opposed to re-examination of the

Have you ever been drilled with questions regarding a problematic situation: what is
wrong, how long have you had this problem, why do you have this problem, or who is
responsible? These questions focus attention on what is wrong rather than the
solution. Better questions empower an individual to actively participate in his or her
own healing, such as:

  • What specifically do you want?

  • How will you know when you have accomplished what you want?

  • When you achieve this, what else will improve?

  • Which of the resources you already have can be applied to help accomplish your purpose?

  • What is the first step to begin to achieve this?

Nika of Germany feels that “NLP was helped sort out my criteria for what I wanted in
life and to go with my own feelings, which I wasn’t brought up to do. I feel strong and
self-confident to leave my past behind. NLP has supplied the last missing pieces of this
puzzle for me. This feeling of strength and clarity hasn’t left me once in a whole year.”

Source: NLP Comprehensive