Movement Therapy

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Movement Therapy

There are several forms of Movement Therapy: The Alexander Technique,
The Feldenkrais Method, Structural Integration, Rolfing,® Rolfing Movement Integration and Education,
T’ai Chi and Trager.
See the specific chapters for more information.

Intellect Integration Therapy

The child who is alert and curious but has greater difficulty learning than others has been a very puzzling problem. However, some struggling learners make academic leaps after being involved in “adaptive” physical education class. As the body moves � often in ways that happen to “cross the mid-line” of the body � the brain appears to process in ways that have previously been closed off.

Information needs to be processed in both hemispheres of the brain in order for the process to be efficient. This whole brain learning is both efficient and easy. For example, to read the student must use his left, auditory hemisphere to sound out words and analyze thoughts. At the same time, to enjoy and comprehend, he must also use the right, visual hemisphere to see the story and remember sight words.

Intellect Integration Therapy uses physical exercises which stimulate the brain and facilitate simultaneous processing in both brain hemispheres. Simple movements help re-pattern the pathways in the brain giving the student access to areas previously unavailable to him.

Source: Barbara Daily, Littleton CO