Mineral Body Wraps

System to make your face fresh,
young, strong, healthy
& more beautiful every day

Mineral Body Wraps

Over four million Mineral Body Wraps have been administered successfully to the public for the last three decades. This technology is best known for providing immediate inch loss. The body is wrapped in soft, porous bandages, soaked in food-grade, inorganic minerals and distilled water. Toxins are drawn from the interstitial fluid and removed via body osmosis. Healthy inch loss results from the shrinkage of these fat cells. The resulting re-contouring of the body is achieved without dieting or exercising, although exercise will enhance the process. Benefits include:

  • Deep cellular detox
  • Smooth and toned skin
  • Renewed vitality
  • Healthy inch loss
  • Sense of well-being

The Body Wrap was designed to tone the body. Skin appears smoother and tighter after each wrapping. Many patrons specifically ask for this treatment after weight loss, pregnancy or throughout the aging process.

Wrapping techniques allow the exclusive mineral solution to assist the body to cleanse, tighten the skin, compact the tissue, and firm the body quickly. Total inch loss is determined by measuring body parts – upper arms, chest, hips, thighs, calves, midriff, abdomen, etc. – before and after the process. The Body Wrap helps bring specific and targeted areas into proper proportion. Results may vary according to body composition and size plus physical factors such as not gaining weight and receiving maintenance wraps regularly.

Though one session is very beneficial, a series of four to six body wraps is recommended to receive maximum benefit. This process, coupled with your commitment to healthy exercise, a balanced low-fat diet and 8-10 glasses of purified water each day, enhances your optimum health and well-being.

Source: Kasey O’Neal, MSW, New Orleans LA.