Medical Intuition

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Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition is the ability to read subtle energy and how
that subtle energy converts to matter within the body. Medical Intuitives can tell what thought
forms or attitudes are influencing our bodies and help us find ways to treat them. They help us
find the core issues that have caused the malady and hence, stop it from returning in another
form of sickness. This chapter also addresses the concept of a Celestine Practitioner.

Medical Intuitive work is in no way a replacement for medical
attention, but is meant to offer insight that doctors may not have. This is a complement to
medical treatment. This service is available to doctors, institutions, healing centers as well
as individual clients.

Source: One Star In Site, Granger IN.

Celestine Practitioner

A Celestine Practitioner uses High Sense Perception to assist in the detection,
prevention and restoration of various physical and emotional disorders and illnesses. Through
the use of High Sense Perception, life energy fields are revealed which support, nourish and
give life. These fields surround and interpenetrate the physical body and are directly
associated with your health and well being.

The life energy fields must be balanced and restored to harmony to enable healthier and
happier relationships with Self and loved ones. When there is any interference, health
potential is decreased. Often, the more conventional forms of healing have failed, and
use of this form of medical intuitiveness is then embraced.

Ask your Celestine Practitioner for more information regarding subtle energies as they
relate to the well being of body-mind health and human growth.

Source: Thomas A Garlock, DC, Aurora CO.