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Hypnosis is a very natural state of deep mental and physical relaxation, one which is experienced frequently in our everyday lives. During each session, the Hypnotherapist assists in recreating this deeply relaxed state, with the focus of accomplishing the client’s objectives. At trance level, the conscious mind is bypassed and work with the then more accessible subconscious mind offers opportunity for the client’s deep inner resources to be accessed and utilized for change and healing. Respite from life’s current stresses in this deeply relaxed state is a health benefit in and of itself.

The subconscious is the repository of all memories, as well as our conditioned beliefs,
values and feelings. Some of these may have been accepted long ago, yet do not represent who we
are now or who we want to be, yet the subconscious fundamentally runs our lives and uses
whatever is there, appropriate or not. With the guidance of a professional Hypnotherapist,
negative beliefs and patterns can be accessed, explored and transformed; unwanted habits can
be released and replaced with positive ones. Self esteem and confidence, even for future
events, can be enhanced through the subconscious mind’s ready acceptance of positive
suggestions and imagery in the hypnotic state.

As with any fundamental changes, a number of sessions may be necessary to accomplish
the goals desired, but results are seen more rapidly than when dealing with the conscious
mind alone.

An Alchemical Hypnotherapist simultaneously supports and empowers you in the process
of discovering and transforming the basis of issues, rather than just changing the symptoms.
The cooperation of your subconscious mind is enlisted to explore and understand the current
condition so you can create the changes you want in your behaviors, your emotions and your

Source: Irene Shelton, CHT, Boulder CO; Katherine Parker, CHT, Denver CO.