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Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare recognizes that each patient needs to be treated as unique and focuses on optimal quality care to homebound patients. It supports individual healing by attending to all aspects of treating the patient, not the disease. It recognizes that true healing must happen in the mind, body and spirit. This is an area where it is very appropriate to combine Complementary and conventional medicine.

Nurses provide skilled care, including assessing need and coordination of an
individualized plan of care, with the client and his/her primary physician. Certified Nursing
Assistants provide personal care promoting client participation and functional independence.
Physical Therapists assist clients through exercise and ambulation programs to attain maximal
independence. Occupational Therapists provide rehabilitation programs, instruct in activities
of daily living and assist with procurement of adaptive equipment to improve home safety and
function. Speech Therapists provide exercises to improve speech and swallowing abilities, as
well as cognitive retention and skills. Social Workers counsel on adjustment to illness, long
term needs planning and access to community resources.

Also see Physical Therapy.

Source: Loretta Warren, RN, Denver CO; Kristi Weber, RN, CRTII, Arvada CO; and Tom Hobin, MA,
PT, Denver CO.