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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you looking for a natural, gentle and safe cure for what ails you?. A trip to an Herbology consultant could be the answer. An initial health assessment will include many questions about your present health and health history, your likes, dislikes, stressors, diet, exercise patterns and your health goals. The consultant may also use certain diagnostic tools such as Iridology, pulse and tongue assessment (used in Chinese Medicine), muscle testing or conventional physical exam procedures. Then she/he will devise a treatment plan with you.

Many consultants have herbal pharmacies in their offices, which could include dried or powdered herbs, herbs in capsules, or liquid herbal tinctures alcohol extractions of the plant’s active ingredients. Many consultants will be able to select various botanicals and devise an herbal formula suited to your needs.

The treatment strategy will utilize a holistic approach. There may be recommendations concerning diet, vitamins, minerals and other supplements. Sometimes exercise therapies, energy or bodywork may be indicated. If you need to see an MD, this referral will be made.

As your condition progresses and changes, the herbal formula will change as well. For example, if you came into the office with a sore throat and flu-like symptoms, the herbal formula will progress from one that is a more acute symptom-directed remedy � which fights the virus, encourages the secretions to leave the body and stops the pain � to one with botanicals that balance and strengthen your system and work on preventative levels.

Herbs are used for wellness. There is a class of herbs called adaptogens that keeps the immune system healthy and helps you adapt to stressors so you don’t succumb to sickness. There are special herbs that address many of women’s health challenges , such as PMS, menopause and uterine fibroids. Also, there are herbs that are perfect for men’s health challenges � enlarged prostates, imbalanced sexual energies and infections. There are herbs that help fight immune and auto-immune diseases like cancer, AIDS and arthritis.

Source: Rachel Lord, RN, CMT, MH, Denver CO.