System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day
System to make your face fresh, young, strong, healthy & more beautiful every day


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Avatar® is the most widely-used self-development course in the world, available in 64 countries and 14 different languages. It is an excellent tool for creating the health you desire.


Delivered by a trained Avatar Master, the course consists of experiential exercises that enable you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve.

  • Section I – contained in the books Living Deliberately and ReSurfacing – invites connection with a more expanded awareness of how your beliefs affect your life. It is offered in a one or two-day workshop.
  • Section II leads you to reconnect with an experiential awareness of your own existence and to recover the effortless ability to create personal reality.
  • Section III explores the foundational beliefs that create the universe and presents a simple and effective technique for managing beliefs. The technique is used in a series of rundowns to remove conflicts, limitations, persistent conditions and even pain.


The following comments were written by participants

  • “… by the end of the course everything came together in a way that I felt was worth at least ten times what it cost and I couldn’t help wondering why I had waited so long!”
  • “…I am completely at peace with myself, who I am and where I am going.”
  • ” …it has given me a new awareness of the universe around me and the tools with which to live my life more effectively.”


For more information about Avatar, visit StarsEdge.com, call (800)589-3767, email Avatar@AvatarHQ.com or contact a local Avatar Master.

Source: Peggy Verret, MA, Slidell LA